Saturday, May 23, 2015

Antietam Fire Company No. 2, old station

Community Rescue Service, former Antietam Fire Company No. 2, Hagerstown Fire Department, 113 Summit Avenue, Hagerstown, Maryland, Washington County. Antietam Fire Company began in 1808 as the Lafayette Company, they incorporated in 1834 as Antietam. That same year they had a station next to the courthouse. This station dates back to 1895, it burned in October 1914 and was rebuilt in 1915. At this time the Pioneer Company also shared the building. It burned again in 1920. Rebuilt again it remained the Antietam's home until a new station was built on the north side of the city in October 2012. While AFC still owns the building it is occupied by Community Rescue Squad, an ALS provider, who prior moving here shared space in Hagerstown Station 4.

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