Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tropicana Field

 Inside panorama. (16 seperate pictures)

Can't go anywhere in central Florida without running onto Mr. Mouse.

This dude was huge. If you look close there's still a Devil Ray on his shoulder.

Tropicana Field, aka the Trop, opened in 1990 and has been home of the Tampa Bay Rays since their inaugural season in 1998. Located in St. Petersburg, Florida it was also known as Florida Suncoast Dome and Thunderdome. The seating is just over 31,000 seats for baseball. There was nowhere near that many when we visited on Labor Day 2016. It worked out well for us, they were playing the Orioles that day (more on the game tomorrow). The Trop marks the 14th Major League stadium I have visited. The 4th (including Camden Yards) that we've seen the O's play. I don't know where 2017 will take me.

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