Monday, May 01, 2017

Year 11, Day 4

 Circumhorizontal Arc

 March of the Goslings

 Chesapeake Bay Bridge at Sunset

 Shippensburg Fair. One of four blue ribbons

 Tracks to the Turtle Nest

 Independance Day in Shippensburg

 Jupiter Lighthouse

Common Moorhen

 American Alligator

 Tropicana Field, Home of the Tampa Bay Rays

 West Indian Manatee

 Desert Inn, Yeehaw Junction, Florida

Beachland Bridge Sunset

Richmond, Virginia 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb

Elk Antler

Colorado Elk Camp

  Aspen and Blue Skies

 Packing out

 Super Moon

Dillsburg, Pa. New Year's Eve Pickle Drop

Sunset, Vero Beach, Florida

OK, sorry I missed it by a few days. The home offices here at the Outskirts of Suburbia are undergoing some unexpected renovations. But hey, how about last year? And can you believe it's been 10 years? Holy smokes. This past year saw not one but three trips to Florida. You can expect more. Another adventure to Colorado. More flowers, more birds, new critters, new baseball stadiums and many more fire stations. But the one constant here is something new even if it's just another sunset or sunrise. We could always use more of those. And I did very well at the Shippensburg Fair, four blue ribbons and a red ribbon out of five entries.
The numbers... 180,280 page views in 10 years, 23,347 last year (within 100 of year 9), 3263 all time posts, 301 last year. And still my number one viewed post (drum roll please) World of Pigeons. It has been viewed 2267 times.

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