Saturday, June 24, 2017

Friendship Fire Company No. 5

Carlisle Fire and Rescue Services, old Friendship Fire Company No. 5 station, 636 North West Street, Carlisle, Pa. Former Cumberland County Company 42, now a part of Company 45. The Friendship Fire Company was formed on March 14, 1911. Their station was completed in January 1912 and dedicated November 30,1912. The steel building out back that housed the apparatus was built in the late 1970's. They joined the Empire Hook and Ladder Company No 4 to form the Empire Friendship Firefighters Association on January 15, 1992 and in April of 1996 the moved to a shared station on Carlisle Springs Road. They shared the same station but operated separately until merging  July 2, 2006.  In 2010 the Cumberland-Goodwill Fire Rescue EMS, Inc merged with the EFFA to form Carlisle Fire and Rescue Services.

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