Saturday, August 12, 2017

Towanda Fire Department

Towanda Fire Department, 101 Elm Street, Towanda, Pa. Bradford County Station 15. Bucket brigades started in Towanda borough around 1837, but the Franklin Engine Company No. 1 didn't organize until April 11, 1854. Then came the Naiad Engine and Hose Company No. 2 a year later, April 28, 1855. Followed by the Lin-ta Steam Fire Company No. 3 on September 28, 1857. They were located on Poplar Street. Next in service was the Mantaua Hook & Ladder Company No. 4 in March of 1871. They were last heard of in 1917. Last was the H.W. Hawes Fire Company No. 5. Organized May 2, 1892 and disbanded in 1935. Companies 2 and 3 merged to form the Naiad-Linta Fire Company. Finally in 1999 the Franklin's and the Naiad-Linta's merged to become the Towanda Fire Department. The old station, at 724 Main Street, is now used by the borough public works.If there are any other old stations in town I missed them. And I found no record of when these building were built.

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