Thursday, November 20, 2008

Scouting Day

In a parallel universe this day was known as Halloween. In the mountains this day was Scouting Day. It was a free day we allowed ourselves between the pack in and Saturday's season opener. Time to explore a new area and get to know our surroundings. While most of our group chose to hunt high I made the decision to hunt low. The outfitter and the packers pointed out a ridge on the way in and spoke of the success of this particular stand. So I headed down shortly after sunrise. Not long into the hike I spotted several mule deer feeding through the aspens. Once I got to the area I was scouting I spotted the deer in the second picture. Sorry, I had him in the binoculars longer than I should have and once I got the camera up he wouldn't stop for me. so it was this picture or no picture. Nice one. I know where I'll be hunting at first light tomorrow. But now it was time to reverse the half hour walk down here into and hour and a half walk back to camp. I hope there's still a few pancakes left when I get there.

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