Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Long Cold Ride

That's right, I don't know how the mountain men did it for months on end but this was one cold ass ride down off the mountain. No where to duck in out of the wind and blowing snow. No heater to crank up on high. Just pull the bandanna up a little higher and the Stetson down a little lower and tilt your head a into the wind. All this with the knowledge that a hot shower and pizza was waiting down below. The far off other side. That's John up front, he's the owner of the outfit and the number two mule behind him was loaded crooked on purpose. Number three mule did end up losing it's cinch going across a long open meadow and we stopped to tighten thing up a bit before heading back down. The biggest challenge of the pack out was taking pictures. Steadying the camera was a no-go. I simply brought it up one handed fired off three or four and hoped for the best. This is two of them, someday you may see the others.


barry said...

haney, where are the rest of the gang? Would love to see Pap with a ice covered beard

Haney said...

John had the lead, followed by me, then everyone else, with one of the packer's, Larry, with mules at the tail end. Then somewhere on back was George, Frank and the rest of the packers with the tents and camp supplies.