Thursday, January 29, 2009

Training Day - Silo Rescue

Well, I finally bought a new scanner. I'm not too sure I like it yet. It's going to take some figuring out. I'm starting out with some throwback pictures. These are from a silo rescue training we sponsored back in March of 1988. These pictures were taken with my old reliable Canon AE1. I had and used this camera from 1987 through 2004 when I went digital with a 5.o mega pixel point and shoot Kodak. The hundreds and hundreds of rolls of film I burned through that camera is unimaginable. I will never miss shooting a whole roll of film waiting to get it developed and finding out I used a wrong setting and had to toss the whole pack. So, now with a new scanner, maybe I can start showing some of those good old pictures. Pictures from my two years in Europe, nine hunting trips to Colorado, vacations everywhere and just time spent wasting film. I almost forgot to mention that these pictures were actually taken with black and white film, Sure I tweaked them a little and added some texture to them but the black and white is original.


Sparky said...

I too have boxes of picture from back in the day of rolled filim. i still shot a roll or two now and then. But the real question is who is the fireman in the picture?

Anonymous said...

Only a couple months late....but I would say Chief Ed Goodhart and maybe Chief Dale Myers?