Thursday, January 01, 2009

Looking to 2009

This is just the first of many gull pictures you'll see here in the coming weeks. At least they would sit still while I figured out my camera settings. This past weekend (my 3rd Annual Christmas at the Beach, I may have mentioned this before) was a working lesson on light settings. I would go from a white gull in the sand on the beach to a heron hiding in the brush waiting for lunch to swim by. I'd snap 3 or 4 quick shots of the heron and when I would check my shot it was under exposed so bad it was black. (This lesson worked in reverse also.) So I'll bet I deleted 50 shots at the time I took them. But maybe this lesson will help me later.
Looking to 2009 I hope to keep the pace I've set and continue to grow and hopefully you all will notice my pictures getting better. I don't plan on changing format but I hope the quality will show.
Happy New Year folks. And thanks for stopping by.

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