Friday, February 06, 2009

Glenwood Springs Brewing Company

This and the Hot Spring are two of the biggest things we look forward to after a week in the high country. And it's not as bad as you would think I think only two of us even got beer. (Sorry I don't remember what kind of beer this was, it was a limited batch, not a regular of theirs) Even so, lunch at the Brewpub is a unanimous decision. The burger at this place are just the awesomest. A good burger, some onion rings a couple iced teas/beers and spending time with good friends that is more of what our western adventure is about. Not coming home empty handed would have been better but I have no complaints.
The first picture is Glenwood Springs, Colorado. That's the Brewpub, second building on the left. On the right is the train station behind the station is the railroad, then the Colorado River then Interstate 70 then the Hot Springs.

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