Saturday, February 06, 2016

Footer Review 2015

This is my, now, annual footer review. Footers are exclusive to the real blog, not that facebook thing. Just letting you know where they're from...
January 2015 - Wehr's Covered Bridge, South Whitehall Township, Pa.
February 2015 - The latest Porsche at the Harrisburg Auto Show.
March 2015 - Somewhere along the Alaska Railroad.
April 2015 - That's right, I got a 25 gallon fill up at 5.9 cents per gallon. Win.
May 2015 - Dead snake in the road. Newville, Pa.
June 2015 - My beloved columbines.
July 2015 - Fireworks in Shippensburg, Pa.
August 2015 -My Black-eyed Susans.
September 2015 - Some whitetail deer in the Big Meadow of Shenandoah National Park, Va.
October 2015 - Aspen leaves on a rock, somewhere north of Leadville, Colorado.
November 2015 - Eastern Colorado and the first look of Pikes Peak.
December 2015 - a slightly modified sign on a gate at Carbaugh Run Dam, near Fayetteville, Pa.

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