Monday, February 08, 2016

The Michaux Barn Update

 (I wrote this blog on March 11, 2014) This old stone barn ruins sit along Michaux Road in the Michaux State Forest near Pine Grove Furnace. I've taken pictures of this old barn a few times over many years. I actually had a picture of this barn on my dorm room wall when I was stationed in Germany 1985-1987. There was no fence around it then. There's a picture from that same day of me sitting in the second story window. The history of this barn is believed that it could have been built by Hessian prisoners from the Revolutionary Battle of Trenton, here on the Bunker Hill Farm. I found those pictures and here they are (taken May 24, 1985), along with the picture from the March 2014 post. I am posting/reposting this because it was reported in the Public Opinion newspaper on Friday that the barn wall fell down. I guess this blizzard last month was the final straw.

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