Sunday, December 07, 2008

Farm at Sunrise

Is it just me or is everybody running non-stop these days? I know I haven't had time to catch up with where I need to be. It seems I go from one thing right into the next. The tree is up, the lights are up, the stockings are hung by the basement stairs with care, now when do I get a break? HO HO HO

The farm is out Three Square Hollow Road north of Newburg, PA (it is probably located on a side road off of 3SH Rd) and the beautiful morning sun had everything lit with a pink tinge. And besides I know Barry likes pictures of barns.


Barry said...

A farm, the mountain , sun coming up what more could I ask for?
I love this area of the valley !

Thanks Haney !

Sparky said...

Great shot. I like sun raise and sunset pictures, the barn really adds the touch to it.