Saturday, December 06, 2008

Tree Quest

Today was the day we went to cut our Christmas tree. As usual we drove out to our regular favorite tree farm to pick one out. When I asked the lady where the Douglas firs were she told me, "Right across the road". No, I'm sorry, that would be too convenient and quick, "Don't you have some on the other side of the farm?" So we take a hay wagon ride to the other side of the farm to the far off Doug-patch. Three steps from the tractor the wife says, "That's the one!" No, I'm sorry that would be too convenient and quick, "Aren't there others far back in?" What? Is she afraid of a little snow shower? Besides 26 degrees is the perfect temperature to cut a Christmas tree in, "Let's look around some, the tractor guy won't be back for a while." Well, we found one, not her short and skinny, not my tall and fat, not a Charlie Brown. It's ours and we'll somehow make it work. There'll be so many ornament on it, it won't matter. Gotta love this time of year, fa la la la la.

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