Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ice and Fire

Today was the last day of deer season here in Pennsylvania. I guess there is a late season muzzleloader and a late season archery starting after Christmas, but for normal everyday gun hunters today was the final hoorah for the year. The day started cold, maybe 22 degrees, sure not the 12 from last Saturday. By afternoon it was a comfortable 30 degrees. Well the season continued where the Colorado hunt left off. Skunked. Again. We did see a deer this morning. In the dark. In someones back yard. So there are still some deer around. Saw a couple more turkeys this morning also.
The first picture was taken up near the Ridge Road and shows that the rain we had down here in the valley was snow and ice up on top. the second picture shows the setting sun as we were leaving our stand after a quiet afternoon. Very quiet. We'll get them next, we will.

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